There’s no doubt that Gull Lake boasts some of the best views in the state of Minnesota. Between the beautiful beach and mountain views, Gull Lake is an ideal destination for those looking to photograph every moment of their vacation. For a family vacation or even a weekend away with friends, it’s not difficult to find a beautiful background for some great photos. If you’re spending August 19th in Gull Lake, you’ll want to check out these places for National Photography Day. Located in Nisswa or Brainerd, these locations will all be a short drive from Gull Lake Beach Resorts and surrounded by great places to eat and shop.


Chances are if you’ve heard of Minnesota, you’ve heard of Paul Bunyan. Legend has it that Minnesota’s lakes were created by Paul Bunyan exploring the state with his giant footprints filling with water. While visiting, it is a rite of passage to snap a picture with the famous lumberjack, Paul Bunyan. There’s plenty of things to do in Nisswa surrounding the topic of Paul Bunyan, and one of the most picture-worthy is this popular tourist attraction where many will visit just for a photo with the statues. Built in 1937, Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox are the original Minnesota roadside destination. So, pack your children up in the car and visit Paul Bunyan Park, where Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox stand waiting for a photo with you.


Wall murals have become an Instagram cult favorite, providing an easy but colorful background for pictures. Wall murals are something you can find in any city now, in any design or color palette of your choice. On National Photography Day, wall murals are the coolest way to spice up your photo album. The “You Betcha” mural located on 711 Laurel in Brainerd brings so much color to the street. A popular mural on social media, “You Betcha” has an awesome origin story behind it. Created by a local Brainerd artist, Tony Powers outlined the sketch on the brick wall, but invited community members to color inside the lines. So not only is the mural itself unique, but the story and creation of it is too.

Another mural created by a Nisswa native, Samantha French engineered a truly life-like mural next door to Big Axe Brewing Company. This mural features a girl underwater, like she is coming up from taking a jump into the lake. She is painted with a lifelike color palette and the water around her is full of depth illustrated by deep blues and greens. This mural is perfect for anyone looking to diversify their social medias but it’s also ideal for anyone behind the camera. As a photographer, it is always rewarding to capture a challenging background like this. If you’re the photographer or the photographed, this mural is sure to spice up National Photography Day.


A more traditional and family favorite place to take photos just happens to be something that Gull Lake and surrounding areas have in spades. Whether it be a couples photography shoot or capturing an extended family reunion, a dock is a timeless place for photos. Perfect for any time of year, dock photos capture the loving essence of family without a distracting background. However you want to spend National Photography Day, a dock should be on your list of places to visit for a photo. Right now, the trees are full of beautiful green leaves which would create the best landscape alongside the sparkling blue water. As far as picking a dock for photos, the Gull Lake area is packed with docks that would be suitable for a photoshoot. Just drive around Gull Lake and it won’t take long to find a dock.

If you’re ready to take National Photography Day to the next level, we’d be honored to be a part of that mission. Gull Lake Beach Resorts is located on the East side of Gull Lake, where you can easily make plans to visit all the National Photography Day suggested locations. Contact us today to book your lakeside cabin and make sure to pack your camera for National Photography Day!