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Gull Lake Minnesota Vacation Rentals

Looking for the perfect place to get away with family, friends, or even a solo trip? Minnesota is the place to go. If you want to have the best, most memorable vacation, don’t miss Gull Lake Minnesota. From fishing, swimming, hiking, biking, and golfing, to simply enjoying breathtaking lake views, our Gull Lake Minnesota vacation rentals will give you the relaxation you and your loved ones deserve.



Top Benefits of Taking a Minnesota Vacation

Fondly called the “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” Minnesota is one of the top choices for a refreshing and remarkable vacation. Here are the things that await you on your Minnesota vacation.

Friendly People

Minnesotans are friendly, welcoming, and kind people. They’re true “Minnesota nice.” They won’t hesitate to help strangers and tourists and they make you feel comfortable in their state. You’ll be amazed at how polite they are during conversations. While many of them seem reserved, you know you can count on them when you ask for guidance, directions, or anything about the community. 

Diverse Food Scene

Influenced by various cultures, Minnesota cuisine will satisfy every foodie traveler. You can find unique fried food items at Minnesota’s annual fair. From gator nuggets and cheese curds to bacon or Swedish meatballs, there is so much tasty fare to try. Food trucks also offer great dishes, including sushi burritos, Hibachi, and salt-infused ice cream. Don’t skip out on Minnesota’s wild rice, chestnut crab apples, Juicy Lucy, and cookie salad!

Impressive Art Scene

If you’re an art lover, Minnesota is also the best place for you. Minneapolis alone has been declared the best art district in 2022 by USA Today. Highly recognized artists host galleries and performance spaces in historic buildings. If you’re into theater, there are also different quality shows for both children and adults.

Incredible State Parks

One of the benefits of taking a Minnesota vacation is getting a chance to explore the best state parks. Untamed spaces give you a glimpse of the state’s history and culture. Whether you want to connect with nature more, simply relax, or try various outdoor adventures, Minnesota’s over 60 state parks will ensure a light and meaningful vacation for you.

Gorgeous Lakes

Minnesota is popularly known to have 10,000 lakes. However, in reality, it’s home to 11,842 lakes! This makes the state an ideal destination for nature lovers and water sports enthusiasts. You can go swimming, boating, fishing, and do many other outdoor activities. Simply looking at the sky-blue waters can make your Minnesota vacation a peaceful and rewarding experience.

Why Choose Gull Lake for Your Next Minnesota Vacation

Spanning around 10,000 acres, Gull Lake is one of the state’s largest lakes. To ensure an unforgettable Minnesota vacation, head over to the beautiful Gull Lake. There is no shortage of things to do or experience, like:


Enjoyable Fishing Activities 

Minnesota’s Gull Lake has landed in the country’s top 80 fishing lakes. If you love to bond with your family or friends over fishing, then the lake is perfect for you. You can find several species of fish, from walleye, sunfish, bluegill, panfish, and largemouth bass, to Gull Lake’s largest fish, the northern pike. 

Given its 10,000 acres (about half the area of Manhattan) of open water, Gull Lake has several areas to cast your line. While its average depth is around 30 feet, its deepest point reaches 80 feet. About one-third of the lake is at least 15 feet. Even if you’re not a fishing pro, you can still enjoy catching huge fish with your family or friends. 

Lovely Beaches 

If you’re a beach lover, Gull Lake can also be the place for you. You can lie on the clean sandy beach, take a walk by the water alone or with your friends, play on the shore, or sit and watch the beautiful sunsets. The tranquility that Gull Lake beaches offer will let you reconnect with yourself and nature. With these beaches just a few steps away from our Gull Lake Minnesota vacation rentals, you’re sure to maximize the beauty of the place. 

Various Golf Courses 

If you want a perfect combination of lake and golf vacation, Gull Lake is the right choice for you. At Gull Lake, you can find some of the state’s best golf courses. You have several courses to choose from, including Madden’s Resort, Ruttger’s Resort, Cragun’s Resort, and Grand View Lodge.  

Madden’s Social Nine is suitable for any family outing or preparation for bigger challenges. If you want your kids to start golf early, Pirate’s Cove offers the right mix of entertainment and learning for them. They have a mini-golf course with a pirate-themed park. 

Hiking and Biking Opportunities 

Gull Lake belongs to one of the best outdoor recreation areas in Minnesota. Filled with several acres of natural woodland, Gull Lake has plenty of walking and biking trails. One of them is the popular Paul Bunyan State Trail. It delivers nearly 120 miles of exciting adventures — walking, cycling, and rollerblading. Taking a day trip to Paul Bunyan Trail also means passing by forests, state parks, and lakes. 

Other must-visit spots include Crow Wing State Park, Chippewa Lookout, Crow Wing Confluence Trail, and Mille Lacs Kathio State Park. You’ll enjoy magnificent river views, various wildflowers, and more spectacular nature views. 

Satisfying Food with a View 

Gull Lake in Minnesota is sure to satisfy the foodie in you. There are various restaurants in downtown Nisswa. If you want even more exciting food choices, you can go further to the busy town of Brainerd. If you like to have the best view of Gull Lake while enjoying hearty meals and various drinks, don’t miss Ernie’s on Gull. 

Unparalleled Cruise Experience 

If you want to maximize the amazing views of Gull Lake, add a cruise on North Star to your list. With its two levels, you can enjoy a unique perspective of the wonderful Gull Lake. The cruise is ideal for a romantic date night, but you can also have a lot of fun with your friends, especially with the music cruises that feature impressive bands. If you’re bringing the whole family with you, you can take advantage of the lunch cruise. 

Choose the Best Gull Lake Minnesota Vacation Rentals

Whether you’re into fishing, golfing, or hiking, we have the right accommodations to make your Gull Lake vacation comfortable and memorable.

Gull Haven 

If you’re looking for a relaxing, peaceful vacation alone or with your friends, our Gull Haven Gull Lake rentals give you exactly what you need. You can also enjoy sailing, fishing, and various other activities. Booking our properties with the assistance of our friendly, accommodating staff at Gull Lake Beach Resorts is a breeze. 

You’ll love our spacious vacation homes full of natural light. Our open floor plans allow you to freely move between sleeping, dining, and living areas. From comfortable sofas and beautiful wall art to fully equipped kitchens, we have everything you need to feel at home. Our Gull Haven rentals are also close to different outdoor activities you’ll want to try. 


Bay Colony 

Searching for Gull Lake Minnesota vacation rentals? Book Bay Colony with Gull Lake Beach Resorts’ guidance. Whether you’re a couple or a family wanting to spend quality time together, our Bay Colony properties will satisfy your needs. You can take long walks on our gorgeous beach, get a tan, navigate the clear waters and surroundings, and try various water sports.  



Whether you’re looking for quiet, simple, or luxurious accommodations during your Gull Lake vacation, our Interlachen rentals may suit your needs and preferences. Our properties offer the right balance of luxury and a homey vibe. The spacious, open floor plans will let you move around comfortably while enjoying natural light and spectacular lake views. If you want bigger kitchen spaces or larger yards, feel free to ask our team, and we’ll ensure to give you the best indoor and outdoor experience available. 


Pontoon Rentals 

At Gull Lake Beach Resorts, we want you to maximize your vacation time and collect the best memories. That is why we supply pontoon rentals that will let you and your family have an exciting time on the waves. Complete with a stereo and speaker system, you’ll feel like partying on the water. You can also have a fun fishing outing with your family and bet on what bites.  

Book a Gull Lake Vacation Rental Today 

From its friendly people, beautiful lakes, and breathtaking views to its various outdoor activities, Minnesota’s Gull Lake is the perfect vacation destination for you, your family, and your friends. Want to experience a relaxing home away from home? Get in touch with Gull Lake Beach Resorts for the best Gull Lake vacation time. 

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