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Westgate Mall

Sometimes when you’re on vacation, you just want to shop! Instead, maybe you realize, after arriving at your Gull Lake vacation rental, that you forgot some essential item. Either way, Westgate Mall in Baxter is ready to fulfill all your shopping needs when you’re visiting Gull Lake. In fact, access to conveniences like Westgate Mall is one of the many reasons why Gull Lake is such a great vacation spot. You can enjoy all the nature you want, but you’re still close to amenities like shopping and entertainment. Come check it out!

All the Basics You Need

First things first: Westgate Mall is open every day of the week, so you never need to worry about missing out! Possibly one of the most useful staple stores you’ll find here is Dunham’s Sports, which carries a great variety of equipment, clothing, and sports gear for all sorts of activities. If you’re about to go for a hike, and suddenly realize that you’ve forgotten your boots or bug spray, Dunham’s has it all! Additionally, if you rent some gear to try out a new sport while you’re at Gull Lake, and learn that you absolutely love it, you can pick up your own set of equipment here at Dunham’s. Even if you just realize how great it would be for the kids to have a soccer ball to kick around while you’re visiting, Dunham’s can help you out.

Next up: shoes. Sometimes a vacation requires multiple changes of shoes, and you might either forget some, or not have known you needed them in the first place! Also, shoes can get misplaced or ruined for any number of reasons, especially children’s shoes. Westgate Mall has two shoe stores to choose from: Tradehome Shoes and Shoe Sensation, both of which carry a great variety of brand-name shoes for men, women, and children. Stop by and take a look!

Then there’s clothes. You just never know when you might need a new item of clothing on vacation! Perhaps you forgot to bring proper golf attire or didn’t realize you’d like to visit a fine dining establishment during your stay. You can’t do those things in jeans! Never fear, Westgate Mall has several clothing shops to help you out of a bind, or just to browse for fun new finds. Stop by Brekken’s for a great variety of some of the best brands of men’s and women’s active and outerwear, or head to Maurice’s for up-to-date ladies’ apparel, or rue21 for fashion-forward juniors options.


Once you’ve got the basics covered, you might like to see what else is on offer at Westgate Mall. One of the big draws here is Planet Fitness, the popular gym chain where you can get your sweat on, anytime of year. Right next door, you can pick up needed supplements at GNC. Afterward, when you’ve worked up an appetite, stop by Rafferty’s for some great pizza, salads, wraps, and wings.

Need a new project to work on, during quiet evenings at Gull Lake? Check out JOANN Fabric & Crafts for all your sewing and crafting needs! You can also stop by Colorz Quilt Shop, just across the street at the Westport Shopping Center; between the two, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

Those who love to accessorize will definitely want to visit Claire’s, the staple mall chain where you know you can always go to get your ears pierced. Claire’s is perpetually entertaining for youngsters and teen girls and is always a solid spot if you need a new pair of earrings, any day of the week. For more upscale or custom jewelry, visit Riddle’s Jewelry, the perfect place to source wedding rings, as well as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and so much more. Riddle’s will craft you the perfect piece to remember this trip forever!

When you’ve shopped till it’s time to drop, and you just can’t walk around anymore, why not take a load off by catching a film at the Lakes 12 Theatre? With 12 screens to choose from, you’re sure to find films for the whole family to enjoy. Additionally, Lakes 12 has been upgraded to include luxury loungers in every theatre, so it’s easy to stretch out and enjoy the show!

Near Westgate Mall

When you’re ready to venture back into the great outdoors, it’s easy to do so just across the street at the Northlands Arboretum. With wide, flat, mowed trails, you can easily cruise around here with small children or a jogging stroller, and leashed dogs are welcome. Enjoy the trees and gardens, as well as wildflowers or changing leaves in season. For a longer walk, or bike ride, you can always strike out along the Paul Bunyan Trail, a paved path popular with cyclists, runners, and rollerbladers that runs an amazing 120 miles all the way to Lake Bemidji.

Enjoy finding what you need at Westgate Mall in Baxter!