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New Year’s 2021 in Gull Lake

2020 was a year filled with unexpected hurdles and challenges not only for those in the U.S. but across the globe. The arrival of Covid-19 swiftly thwarted travel plans, put celebrations on hold, and affected healthcare systems worldwide in unprecedented ways. While there’s so much to say about the year 2020, the one constant many can agree on is that it was far from simple or easy. With New Year’s...

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Spend Christmas 2020 in Gull Lake

When your idea of an idyllic Christmas holiday includes plenty of snowfall, crisp temperatures, and options to enjoy time together with those you love, a holiday and Christmas in Minnesota, Gull Lake is bound to be a treat. This northern U.S. destination beckons to visitors year-round looking to make the most of scenic outdoor fun. However, when Christmas rolls around, there’s something a little bit magical about this gem of a...

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A Winter Weekend Getaway to Gull Lake

There are some travelers that live for time away from the daily routine indulging in locales where sand, endless sun, and plenty of surf always take center stage. When winter rolls around, these adventurers are usually the first to book their tickets to warmer destinations where they can keep emerald waves firmly in sight and forget the cold they’ve left behind. On the opposite end of the spectrum stand the...

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How to Enjoy a Thanksgiving 2020 Getaway to Gull Lake

When November rolls around on the calendar, people across the country begin setting their sights on the Thanksgiving holiday. This important time of the year set aside to reflect on gratitude and spend time with family and friends is known as loved as a collaborative event that traditionally brings people together in groups. With the arrival of COVID-19 on the global scene, it’s inevitably a bit more difficult to plan...

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