Plan a Winter Journey to Gull Lake

Planning a vacation is truly an exciting activity, as you get to explore the destination before visiting it. It’s fun to research the important aspects of your intended vacation area, including the different tourist attractions, outdoor adventures, indoor activities, food options, recreational facilities, and much more. When you plan a vacation, it’s good to know if the region has family-friendly attractions and holiday special events.

If you are looking for a destination that has plenty of outdoor adventures in the snow, winter in Gull Lake should not be overlooked! Gull Lake receives winter precipitation that can cover the 10,000-acre area with a thick blanket of snow – perfect conditions for enjoying plenty of activities like ice skating, ice fishing, skiing, snow tubing, snowmobiling, and much more. Minnesota also has many famous indoor water parks where you can enjoy the water slides, lazy pools, hot tubs, swimming pools, and lots of other fun activities. Read on for our recommendations to enjoying a three-day winter journey to Gull Lake!

Day 1 – Snowbound Fun

With so many winter activities available, you can definitely have a great time in the Gull Lake area, which is popular for all snow-related activities. On day one, you can head to the popular Mount Ski Gull, known for downhill skiing and its many ski runs for different skill levels. Whether you are a beginner who is just starting the sport or a seasoned skiing expert, you can find the right slopes and runs for you. Enroll in skiing lessons to learn from the experts or enjoy snowmobiling on the sloping hill ranges. Mount Ski Gull’s casual food joints provide options for snacks and beverages during your breaks from the slopes.

Day 2 – Ice Skating & Fishing

On day two, you can enjoy one of the unique activities that define the Gull Lake region. The lakes are popular for ice fishing, where you can catch local varieties like trout, bass, walleye, northern pike, and panfish. There are more than four hundred lakes and rivers in and around the area with the most popular fishing spots found on Gull Lake, North Long Lake, and Round Lake. After ice fishing, head out to any of the ice-skating rinks located at city parks such as Mill Avenue, Gregory Park, Bane Park, and Loren Thompson Park.

Day 3 – Enjoy the Perks of Your Vacation Rental

While planning a vacation, consider the many perks of booking a vacation rental home. You can experience a home-away-from-home feeling when you go with a rental home. Our cabins at Gull Lake Beach Resorts let you take advantage of a spacious layout with separate living, dining, and sleeping areas, as well as the convenience of cooking your meals in the fully equipped kitchen. Check out our rental choices that have everything from cozy condos for two guests to spacious lakefront villas for multiple guests.

All our rentals offer standard and community amenities focused on your convenience and comfort. You can cook gourmet meals in kitchens that have plenty of utensils and appliances. Take advantage of basic requirements like laundry, high-speed internet, and modern furnishing in all rooms. All our properties are located at prime locations around Gull Lake with great views plus close proximity to restaurants, cafes, bars, and tourist attractions.

With so many exciting options, you can easily plan a three-day visit for a memorable experience. Contact us at Gull Lake Beach Resorts for the perfect accommodation choice!