Top 5 Spots for a Gorgeous View

There is a long list of reasons for travelers to pack up their suitcases and head to Gull Lake, Minnesota. While some come for the outdoor adventure, others come for the chance to relax on a beautiful shoreline. No matter what your itinerary entails, gorgeous views are yours for the enjoying and you’ll find them in abundance without having to look hard at all! When you can’t wait to leave stress behind and focus on the fantastic vistas that call the Gull Lake area home, the following five stops are hot spots for the Gull Lake sightseeing you’ve been craving!

Brainerd Zipline Tour

Getting out of town and enjoying your free time in Gull Lake is always a good idea, but making the experience even better is the chance to seek out those beautiful views and vistas that are sure to inspire. If you’re the type of traveler that likes taking time to pair interests and loves adrenaline-pumping fun as much as sweeping vantage points, then a stop at Brainerd Zipline Tour is for you. Yes, this stop is focused on sky-high fun that includes riding the lines and making your way across aerial bridges…but the view from the top is truly unsurpassed! A visit here is a chance to take in the scenery from a new perspective and make the most of vistas that would otherwise be inaccessible. It’s well worth a scenic stop when you’re in town.

Gull Lake Cruises

Getting out on the water is a must when your travel plans bring you to the Gull Lake region of Minnesota. If your heart is set on making the most of a scenic on-the-water tour, booking a spot on a Gull Lake Cruise is bound to please. Gull Lake Cruises invites guests to step aboard a luxury yacht and settle in for a sightseeing tour that promises to delight. As you sail your way across the water, you might even be lucky enough to be part of a tour that includes dinner and music. The entire vibe is sure to be unforgettable and the views are made to match.

Paul Bunyan Trail

If you’re a traveler to Gull Lake that gets a thrill from time spent lacing up the hiking boots and hitting the many trails, time spent on the Paul Bunyan Trail is not only perfect, but a scenic opportunity you won’t want to miss. Only a portion of this state trail runs through the Gull Lake area, but that portion is a great way to observe wildlife, enjoy forested terrain and make the most of lush surroundings. If you’re a bird watcher, be sure to bring your binoculars as this trail brings you right to the heart of ecosystems where winged creatures thrive in abundance. It’s also a great place to find yourself if your idea of a great view comes to life in the fall as leaves change colors overhead.

Gull Lake Recreation Area

Getting out and enjoying the sunshine is a favorite pastime in the Gull Lake area. Perhaps nowhere it is a more celebrated activity than at the Gull Lake Recreation Area. Situated on the shoreline, this recreation area is also a great place to access scenic trails, playgrounds, and a variety of hiking, biking, and exploring opportunities. For those on the hunt for a great view, Gull Lake Recreation Area offers up plenty. From waterfront vistas to towering trailside trees, it’s a place that showcases nature’s diversity in perfect fashion.

Pillsbury State Forest

An impressive collection of deciduous and coniferous trees makes up Pillsbury State Forest, making is a prime destination for gorgeous view seekers who find themselves in the Gull Lake area on vacation. Pillsbury State Forest was established as protected land back in 1900 and today, continues to be an oasis of thriving ecosystems that offer up some spectacular scenery to be enjoyed. It’s a prime destination for enjoying the changing leaves in fall but can also lend itself to some incredible rock formations, waterways and wildlife throughout the year just waiting to be admired. No matter what you prefer, you’ll want to have your camera on hand for time spent here.

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