February 3rd is the national #BookDirect day. This initiative is designed to educate guests about the advantages of “bypassing third-party channels to book directly with management companies and homeowners”. Here are the top 5 reasons to #BookDirect through Gull Lake Beach Resorts.


Did you know that Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway and TripAdvisor add hundreds of dollars of fees to your booking total?  The best pricing will always be on our website Gull Lake Beach Resorts.  We use dynamic pricing to price our units which considers the market and our own occupancy.


During non-peak travel times, managers and owners have special offers available: From events and activities to special rates to onsite services, with direct communication with managers and owners, you get insider knowledge and the best offers.  Our current special is book 3 nights and you get the 4th night FREE now through May 23, 2021.


Working with Gull Lake Beach Resorts directly provides a custom vacation experience.  We provide luxury packages and additional rentals through Gull Lake Beach Resorts that will deliver on a memorable trip.


Looking for help with your family’s special? We can work with you directly to help with any of your individual needs and give you these assurances before you commit to a booking.


Managers and owners have intimate knowledge about the destination: They can direct you the best rental for your needs and send you to the best activities, restaurants, and area service providers.  When you book through Gull Lake Beach Resorts you have a direct line to me.

Hi! My name is Courtney and I WANT to help make your vacation amazing! Call Me 218-656-6965