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Taking time out of a busy schedule to enjoy a great getaway is always a delight, particularly for those families that are lucky enough to spend time in Gull Lake, Minnesota! The following are a few of the many exciting family-friendly summer activities in Minnesota to add to the itinerary when summer travel plans bring you this way.

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Get Out on the Water and Cast a Line

Spending time with the family this summer in Gull Lake, Minnesota promises to be an exciting experience—especially for those who set aside time to get out on the water and cast a line! You don’t even have to be experts to make the most of the fishing fun when a summer trip to Gull Lake is in your sights. The water is here is brimming over with exciting species to reel in year-round and if you’re not up for an independent adventure, take time to book a fishing charter instead. Many of these local charters have options to customize your experience on the waves to either a half- or full-day tour. The gear you need to make the most of the fun is often included in the charter price and knowledgeable and friendly guides can offer up insight into where to go to be most productive as well as point out interesting sights along the way! Gull Lake is known for its Northern Pike, panfish, and walleye just to name a few. When you’re looking to book your summer charter, Nisswa Guides League, Walleyedan’s Guide Service, and Brainerd Guide Service are all great fishing charter companies to consider.

Cruise the Lake in Style

Time on the water is certainly a highlight of many family visits to Gull Lake, Minnesota year over year. If you’re the type of family that can’t wait to embrace the cruising style, there are options here just waiting for you! Gull Lake Cruises offers a great yacht experience that guests of all ages can appreciate and enjoy during a Gull Lake getaway. This yacht is fondly referred to as the North Star and can easily accommodate up to 70 guests at a time with options to book private cruise experiences available upon request. Cruises through this company run May through October, giving summer travelers every opportunity to reserve their place in advance. Cruise options range from evening dining to full sightseeing excursions that will be both educational and engaging for everyone! The North Star hosts a sprawling outdoor observation deck so guests can make the most of the Gull Lake view whether they’re sailing during the day or evening hours. There’s also an indoor salon to make for a cozy sail with a focus on a fantastic view even if the winds pick up.

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Enjoy Some Friendly Competition on the Mini-Golf Course

While the options for on-the-water fun abound in Gull Lake, Minnesota, those traveling with family looking forward to a little land-based friendly competition will want to make sure they head over to Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf at least once during their visit. This whimsical destination is found at 17992 MN-371 in Brainerd and offers up a full pirate-themed experience on the charming greens! It’s great for all ages, complete with plunging waterfalls and skull-shaped caves as well as fun obstacles to overcome and colorful elements that make for an eye-catching experience from start to finish. During your round, you’ll want to be sure to keep your eyes open for the many bridges to traverse, as well as the dungeons and pirate ship too! The surrounding foliage is lush giving mini-golfers a real sense of stepping into another world. Kids under three play for free, and the course is open Fridays from 11:00 am until 8:00 pm, Saturdays between 10:00 am and 8:00 pm, and Sundays from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm.

Visit the Crosslake Area Historical Society

Those families that value a stop that’s as educational as it is fun will love every minute spent at the Crosslake Area Historical Society. Situated at 35404 CO Rd 3 in Crosslake, this historical stop is one for the books. Guests are invited to stop by on Saturdays and Sundays between 11:00 am and 4:00 pm to explore the center and grounds.  When you’re here, it’s easy to step back in time and get a sense of what life has been like in the Gull Lake region through the centuries. The center hosts a historic log village to explore that includes everything from a replica town hall to a general store and saloon too. The kids in your family will likely love the chance to step through the old schoolroom that’s completely furnished with the chalkboard and desks little ones would have used in years past.

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When it comes to a well-earned vacation, even a short weekend trip will be impactful when it comes to rest, relaxation, and fun! When you have a weekend to spare, make sure you set your travel sights on scenic Gull Lake, Minnesota. The following are just a few of the many Gull Lake activities you’ll want to be sure to add to make every moment count!

Take a Zipline Tour

When you’re the type of traveler that likes to pair every adventure with adrenaline-pumping fun, time spent enjoying the Brainerd Zipline Tour during your weekend Gull Lake getaway is bound to inspire. This adventure park is located within the parameters of Mount Ski Gull and invites guests to come get a new and thrilling perspective on the beautiful terrain. Brainerd Zipline Tour offers visitors a chance to explore seven different zip lines during a visit as well as time on a soaring suspension bridge and a 50-foot free-fall drop if you’re up for the excitement! No matter what course you’re working on, you’ll be privy to 15 miles of stunning views, giving you a bird’s eye perspective you truly won’t find anywhere else. This is a family-friendly stop that’s sure to please travelers of all ages during your weekend getaway to Gull Lake.

Pirates Cove Adventure Golf

A little friendly competition can go a long way toward turning your fun weekend in Gull Lake into an unforgettable experience every traveler in your crew will love. When you’re up for some weekend fun, head over to Pirates Cove Adventure Golf and make conquering this themed course your goal for the afternoon! Pirates Cove Adventure Golf features pirate-themed décor throughout and offers guests a chance to try their skills on 18 holes during a visit. Complete with water features and caves, this is a mini-golf course that might just be the highlight of your weekend.

Explore Pillsbury State Forest

If you’re the type of traveler that can’t get enough of natural beauty, and you are looking forward to immersing yourself in the great outdoors during a weekend to Gull Lake, time exploring Pillsbury State Forest is a must! This sprawling area of protected and lush terrain is found within the heart of Cass County. Since opening to the public in 1900, this state forest continues to captivate those with a passion for time outside. Head this way to make the most of the towering trees, wildlife spotting, or meticulously maintained trails that offer up adventure and options to photograph beautiful surroundings as well. This is a local and much-loved recreational stop used for hiking, biking, exploring, and enjoying in equal measure. Be sure to check it out while you’re here!

Hike a Trail in Gull Lake Recreation Area

If you’re looking to lace up those hiking boots and enjoy time on the trails, the Gull Lake Recreation Area has everything you’re searching for and more. Situated off of East Gull Lake Drive, this recreation area boasts beautiful trails to explore that can accommodate trekkers of all ages and skill levels. Along the way, you might be lucky enough to spot everything from whitetail deer and otters to bald eagles if you keep your eyes on the skies. This recreation area also hosts designated camping destinations as well as multiple playgrounds for little ones looking to burn off some excess energy! Boating, hiking, fishing, and swimming are all allowed within the Gull Lake Recreation Area.

Spend Time at Roadhouse Brewery

No matter when you make your way to Gull Lake for a fun weekend adventure, including some savory stops should definitely be a part of the experience. That’s where Roadhouse Brewery comes into the picture. Located on Smiley Road in Nisswa, Roadhouse Brewery is a great place to kick back, relax, and sip time away alongside those you love most. This destination is known and loved for its amazing variety of craft beer selections, but they proudly offer much more! Stopping here to enjoy some time away from the grind can include an ax-throwing session when you’re not delighting in the versatile menu options. Whether you’re in the mood for tacos, fish, guacamole, or chips, Roadhouse Brewery has it all. To make things even better, you’re likely to find that there’s a live musical performance underway when you drop by. This makes for a meal that’s not only savory but equally entertaining! Come and choose from a rotating selection of innovative beers or stick with something more traditional upon request. Either way, the choice is yours and you can count on pairing it with friendly service and a great atmosphere.

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There’s no reason to wait when you’re ready to enjoy the best that Gull Lake has to offer. This scenic and inspiring destination is great whether you have a just a single weekend or multiple weeks to enjoy the fun and activities. Reach out to Gull Lake Beach Resorts today to learn more about our many rental options in the area that will put that luxurious and comfortable touch that you deserve into your Gull Lake adventure.

When the desire to travel hits and you can’t wait to leave the stress of daily responsibilities behind and swap them out for some serious fun instead, a trip to the Gull Lake region of Minnesota is just the ticket. This inviting and relaxing locale is loved for its scenery, spectacular opportunities to relax in style, and of course, endless options to get out and make the most of the great outdoors. While Gull Lake and the surrounding communities offer up an abundance of fun when it comes to on-the-water activities, it’s also a place where cyclists will find a maze of trails to check out and explore. If you’re the type of traveler that has a true passion for hitting the road on two wheels, there’s no better place to set your sights while you’re here than on the iconic Paul Bunyan Trail, Minnesota!

A Trail of Opportunity

The Paul Bunyan Trail is an appealing cycling destination not only for its impressive dimensions but for the fact that it connects to so many other trails, making it an easy-to-customize option for those with a passion for outdoor adventure. The Paul Bunyan Trail actually connects three major routes that run through this part of Minnesota, including the Cuyuna State Trail, the Blue Ox Trail, and the Heartland Trail.

At 120 miles long, the Paul Bunyan Trail has officially earned the title of the longest bike trail in Minnesota! This means that just saying you’ve conquered even a portion of it is a feat in and of itself. While some cyclists are up for an off-road-inspired challenge, much effort has gone into making sure the 120 miles of the trail are ultra-accessible to bikers of all ages and abilities. To this end, the trail has been well paved not only between Guthrie south through Laporte towards Walker, but also the trail section that runs from Brainerd to Baxter south towards Crow Wing State Park.

Enjoy the Paul Bunyan Trail, Minnesota Experience

When you decide to take your adventure onto the Paul Bunyan Trail, Minnesota, you’re in for a scenic treat. The trail provides cyclists with a wonderful combination of flat and open sections that seem to spontaneously open up to hilly terrain complete with breathtaking vistas to enjoy! The trail can be approached as a continuous challenge for the cyclist who is inclined to push themselves to new athletic levels. It can also be approached in a more leisurely fashion for those interested in taking time to soak up the sights along the way. The trail includes plenty of places to stop, re-energize, and take in the beauty of northern Minnesota’s landscapes at a preferred pace. Amateur and experienced photographers alike will likely want to combine biking the Paul Bunyan Trail with plenty of time set aside to capture the terrain at its best—so don’t forget your camera when you head this way!

In addition to beautiful vistas, the Paul Bunyan Trail is a route where bird watchers will find a variety of species to admire as they peddle along. The lush grasses, trees, and rolling hills provide a thriving ecosystem for wildlife and an abundance of opportunity for those excited for a closer look.

Trail Logistics and Activities

Much to the delight of travelers, the Paul Bunyan Trail is open to the public year-round, and because it connects so many destinations and other trails, there are plenty of options for pairing your ride with nearby activities too. Many cyclists who enjoy the Paul Bunyan Trail make the most of near-trail picnic stops, time spent resting up in rustic shelters, or even camping at local grounds. Because the trail runs through 14 trailside towns and cities, there’s no shortage of destinations to explore if enjoying the best of new communities is your idea of a great vacation! If you happen to be visiting the Paul Bunyan Trail in the winter, traditional bikes will need to be swapped out for adrenaline-pumping snowmobiles. The Paul Bunyan Trail appeals to winter travelers with a heart for picking up the pace and taking to this iconic route in snowmobile style!

While many summer, spring, and fall visitors bring their own bikes to explore the Paul Bunyan Trail, this certainly isn’t a requirement to make the most of the experience. There are plenty of Brainerd and Gull Lake area rental shops that offer up customizable rental options on all types of bikes perfectly matched to your ideal riding experience.

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Whether you’re headed this way to make the most of time on the Paul Bunyan Trail or just can’t wait to explore the best of Gull Lake, the team at Gull Lake Beach Resorts is ready and waiting to help you get settled into a vacation rental that pairs comfort, convenience, and style. Reach out today to learn more and to start planning your next exciting trip!

There are plenty of reasons to get out of town year-round and enjoy time away with the one you love most. However, there’s something particularly appealing about a Valentine’s Day adventure where romance tops the list of priorities! When you’re looking for a place that caters to a fun, restorative, and of course romantic time away this Valentine’s Day, there are many things to do in Gull Lake that check every box on the list. The following are just a few of the many options to add to your romantic itinerary when you’re looking forward to making the most of your quality time together.

Take a Winter Weather Hike or Snowshoe Adventure Together

For the couple who finds their most romantic moments when out in nature together exploring, Gull Lake, Minnesota, and the surrounding areas provide some exciting options. While this area of the state is popular with hikers in the summer months, those same trails provide for sensational winter hikes for the couple that can’t wait to lace up their boots and hit the trails. Of course, if there happens to be snowfall this Valentine’s Day, a snowshoe adventure hand-in-hand could be worth your while as well! Consider adding the Gull Lake Recreation Area, Fritz Loven Park, or Pillsbury State Forest to your list of trails to conquer as all provide for beautiful, inspiring, and romantic routes to follow.

Enjoy a Spa Day

While the scenery that makes up the greater Gull Lake area is sure to please travelers looking to escape in the name of romance this Valentine’s Day, nothing beats a spa day where you and your loved one can focus on being pampered together. Gull Lake is home to a number of spas that are worth checking out when you’re ready to book your couple’s massage, facials, stone therapy, or wrap. Whether you go with Therapeutic Touch Wellness Spa in Nisswa or Panache Salon & Day Spa in Baxter, you’re sure to enjoy the experience and leave feeling refreshed.

Unwind at a Local Brewery

If casual settings and the best of local flavor are the moments you and your partner look forward to, the Roundhouse Brewery in Nisswa is calling your name. Located at 23836 Smiley Road in Nisswa, the Roundhouse Brewery is a great place to grab a table on the spacious patio, enjoy friendly service and order up anything from a pale ale or IPA to a bold lager. Because only the patio will be open over Valentine’s Day, you’ll want to bundle up for this flavorful stop—however, that gives everyone even more of a reason to snuggle up too!

Savor a Coffee from Stonehouse

Sometimes the most romantic moments are the quiet ones spent together. When you’re just looking to unwind in the comfort of your vacation rental cozied up with the one you love while enjoying a savory coffee, be sure to swing by Stonehouse Coffee and Roastery in Nisswa where pickup options are readily available. Once you have your espresso or macchiato in hand paired with a mouthwatering scone, head back to your home away from home and indulge your tastebuds while enjoying time with the one you love most.

Enjoy Adventure at Mount Ski Gull

For the couple that can’t get enough of adventure and finds their romantic stride on the slopes, time spent at Mount Ski Gull over Valentine’s Day is bound to be the highlight of their experience! Plenty of runs await that cater to skill levels of all types. Whether you head off on skis or a snowboard, Mount Ski Gull provides the fresh powder, fun, and views that you and your loved one crave. It’s important to note that rentals and lift tickets need to be purchased in advance and if you’re planning to spend time on the tubes, masks are required at this time.

Explore the Paul Bunyan State Trail on Two Wheels

For a fresh-air kick that comes complete with lush surroundings, consider pairing up with a set of fat-tire bikes and hitting the Paul Bunyan State Trail this Valentine’s Day. If you’re looking forward to pairing your biking with bird spotting, this trail is the place to do exactly that. Named after the lumberjack that graces American folklore, this trail runs conveniently through the Gull Lake Recreation Area, but in total, is comprised of more than 120 miles of paved pathway to discover!

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